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FSC® certification


JUNG was FSC certified in July 2010. For us, FSC Certification provides both an obligation and an incentive to use - as far as possible - only base papers which meet the strict guidelines of the Forest Stewartship Council® (FSC). The FSC is an internationally recognised standard for the protection of forests. It is intended to secure responsible management of natural resources. Find out more at

The FSC standards include an extensive catalogue of regulations for a responsible and exemplary forest management. In order to achieve certification it is a must to prove the traceability of the pulp used for paper manufacturing. Annual auditing by specialised auditing agencies ensures that the strict standards are adhered to.

All of our FSC certified base papers are therefore proven to originate from forests managed in a responsible way for the protection of resources. By using FSC certified wrapping paper you are showing your customers that you behave responsibly. At the same time, by using FSC certified packaging materials you contribute to promoting responsible forest management around the world. Please contact us if you require more information.